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RESA Conference

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

My bags are packed and where should I go?  The RESA Conference?
There are pros and cons to both sides.


There are so many reasons NOT to go for conference.

Con: The timing is just not good for me, plus credit card bills will be due.
Truth:  Really? I would love to get out of the house after the holidays. All the cooking and wrapping and then the returns.  I was chasing my shadow for weeks.  This is the perfect excuse to get away.  I can enjoy learning in a great local, meet new friends and it’s all “business”.  Oh, I just can’t forget to pay the VISA minimum.

Con:  Money is really tight right now.
Truth:  When do I ever get cash from the money tree in the back yard?  The rooms are only $74 and $37 if I share.  Transportation is cheap or free. Most meals are included and goodness, it’s a write off.  Yeah and I can’t forget the buffets.

Con:  I am not really sure what conference is all about.
Truth:  Checking out the website and listening to the hilarious key note speaker makes me laugh out loud.  All the other speakers look great too.  Where else can I go and learn what is happening in the world of staging and redesign. The vendors are going to have great deals and information that I don’t want to miss.  I heard The Decorating and Staging Academy is giving discounts on all their classes and they have a Staging Survival Kit. I do love staging!

Con: Las Vegas?
Truth:  Are you kidding …yes, Vegas.  The flights are reasonable, it’s a destination city. The Las Vegas Home Show is happening at the same time so I can find vendors, products and deals. Establishing wholesale contacts and seeing the latest trends will impress my clients and my bank account. Don’t forget that Pawn Stars is only a cab ride away.
Yes, Vegas… Why not??

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