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Seasonal Decorating:

This is a pop­u­lar and grow­ing seg­ment of the dec­o­rat­ing indus­try. By tak­ing our webi­nar cer­ti­fi­ca­tion class you will learn how to find a client, eval­u­ate the scope of the job and earn mon­ey with sea­son­al decorating.

Trans­form­ing a space for the hol­i­days, search­ing for unique hol­i­day dec­o­rat­ing ideas or dec­o­rat­ing for clients and friends the hol­i­days are the time of year you can wow your friends. Each year there are a mul­ti­tude of new shows on tele­vi­sion show­cas­ing idea after idea which inspires and yet, intim­i­dates your clients. That is where you come in!

The big mem­o­ries in our life often are inter­twined around hol­i­days or spe­cial events. Those few times of year where you (or your client) wants to pull out all the stops and cre­ate a look and feel­ing that makes every­thing feel spe­cial. Most hol­i­days are stress filled to begin with and then toss in all the ques­tions that come with dec­o­rat­ing for the big day. Where do I begin? Where do I find the best dec­o­ra­tions for the best price? How do I han­dle all the details and enjoy the fes­tiv­i­ties? As a result, more and more peo­ple are look­ing for the assis­tance of a pro­fes­sional. That pro­fes­sional could be YOU!

The Dec­o­rat­ing and Stag­ing Acad­emy cre­ated the Cer­ti­fied Sea­sonal Dec­o­rat­ing Course because we know con­fi­dence comes from know­ing the tricks of the trade and for­mu­las nec­es­sary to suc­ceed plus hav­ing the cre­den­tials to prove your cred­i­bil­ity. Let us take the guess­work out of the process with a look at the behind the scenes process to make this a lucra­tive hol­i­day season.

Even though you can take this class from the com­fort of your own home, we have cre­ated an inter­ac­tive approach which will require you to com­plete and return assign­ments to ensure you are max­i­miz­ing your learn­ing. Attend each webi­nar, com­plete your assign­ments and score over 75% to earn your cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. Join Sea­sonal Dec­o­rat­ing Experts San­dra Racz and Car­ol Bass for an insight­ful and empow­er­ing class.

Earn your Sea­sonal Dec­o­rat­ing Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion – All webi­nars are record­ed so if you lis­ten when it is con­ve­nient for you. The assign­ments are fun projects and can com­plete dur­ing any­time of the year.

Cer­ti­fied Sea­sonal Dec­o­ra­tor Overview:
The Cre­ativ­ity Quotient
Get­ting to Know the Client
Sell­ing Your­self Talk­ing Points
Eval­u­at­ing the Project Inventory
Client Cre­at­ing the Plan
Cre­at­ing the Shop­ping List
Estab­lish­ing the Theme
The Col­or Story
Con­tract or Let­ter of Agreement
Tim­ing the Job
Pric­ing Strategies
For­mu­las 1–2–3 to Dec­o­rate Trees, Man­tles, Tablescapes, Walls and More
Bows and Ribbons
Max­i­miz­ing Prof­its by Buy­ing Wholesale
Build­ing your Port­fo­lio Mar­ket­ing your Services

Luxe Home Staging:

An elite cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­gram which will dis­tin­guish you from oth­er stag­ing pro­fes­sion­als. Dur­ing this class, you will learn about lux­u­ry stag­ing, the lux­u­ry client, how to mar­ket this ser­vice, how to stage lux­u­ry prop­er­ties and more.  All learn­ing objec­tives will be cov­ered dur­ing the pro­gram with port­fo­lio projects required.  

Mod­ule 1: What is Lux­u­ry Staging?
Mod­ule 2: The Lux­u­ry Client
Mod­ule 3: Under­stand­ing the Lux­u­ry Real Estate Agent
Mod­ule 4: How to Cre­ate Lux­u­ry in Stagings
Mod­ule 5: Sourc­ing Inven­to­ry for Lux­u­ry Projects
Mod­ule 6: Train­ing Your Eyes and Mind for Lux­u­ry Projects
Mod­ule 7: The Busi­ness of Mak­ing Mon­ey with Lux­u­ry Staging

Occupied Home Staging

Dur­ing this class, we will zero in on home­own­ers’ objec­tions, the best talk­ing points, steps to iden­ti­fy what “can” work and what “can’t”, how to effec­tive­ly use the home­own­er’s fur­nish­ings, how to stage the per­fect room with line, scale and bal­ance, devel­op­ing the per­fect bud­get and most of all…getting the home­own­er to buy into the bud­get.  We will also cov­er how to work with the real estate agent dur­ing the occu­pied home stag­ing. Restyling the home with the pur­pose of a quick sell, estab­lish­ing your expert sta­tus and gain­ing you a steady influx of referrals. 

Mod­ule 1: What is Occu­pied Home Staging
Mod­ule 2: Types of Sellers
Mod­ule 3: The Sell­er Consultation
Mod­ule 4: The Choices
Mod­ule 5: Cre­at­ing Per­fect Inventory
Mod­ule 6:  Let’s Make Money


Com­ple­tion of this cer­ti­fi­ca­tion will earn you one year mem­ber­ship in the The Dec­o­rat­ing and Stag­ing Inter­na­tion­al Direc­to­ry. This direc­to­ry allows you to show­case your cer­ti­fi­ca­tions, busi­ness, offers links to social media plat­forms, high­light your bio, pho­to or logo and the iden­ti­fies you as a cer­ti­fied mem­ber of The Dec­o­rat­ing and Stag­ing Acad­e­my.   We will walk you through the steps to max out SEO with the use of the nation­al logos.  The mem­ber­ship allows you to take advan­tage of dis­counts, free webi­na­rs and more. $1000 val­ue

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