Interior Color Creates Balance

Have you made numerous trips to the paint store?
Do you have swatches of color on the wall?
Have you made a color mistake in the past?
If you have you know it is not a cheap mistake.


Interior color creates balanceInte­ri­or col­or cre­ates bal­ance but choos­ing the right col­or can be extreme­ly frus­trat­ing.. Let’s face it the wrong col­or will total­ly destroy any room design. Col­or not only effects the look and feel of a space it effects the mood.  Under­stand­ing the art and sci­ence of col­or is key to col­or selec­tion.  Col­or con­sult­ing should be a col­lab­o­ra­tive process based your col­or pref­er­ence and the key ele­ments in the space.

Want to see the dif­fer­ence col­or can make in a room click to see more Sig­na­ture Redesign Col­or Projects.








Class Schedule

One Day Dec­o­rat­ing, Inte­rior Redesign and Home Stag­ing

11/05-09 Dallas, TX


1/21-25 Scottsdale, AZ
2/4 -8 Park City, UT
3/4 -8 Park City, UT
4/8 -12 Park City, UT
5/6 -10 Park City, UT
6/10-14 Park City, UT

Confident Color Class

11/10-11 Nashville, TN


1/7 -8 Atlanta, GA


February Scottsdale, AZ
March Park City, UT
April Park City, UT
May Park City, UT
June Park City, UT

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