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Is Your Mantel Crying for a Seasonal Update?

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Finally the weather is changing and my overall attitude is better. You creative ones know what this means…it’s time for a redesign! I enjoyed the white elements my mantel had during the winter; it reflected the snow outside my window. Now, my mantel is crying for something fresh and vibrant. As interior re-designers, we approach a small project just like we approach a larger space.



The Process:

1.) Remove all items from the mantel: No cheating, even the heavy items have to come down.

2.) Group all your options by color, texture and type of item. (Candles, antlers, etc)

3.) Create the focal point or the largest piece was placed first. Keep in mind, you need to fill 2/3 of the space of the mantel or it will be wimpy and we can’t have wimpy. (Try an asymmetrical arrangement by placing the item off-center.)

4.) Follow your color story. In this case, the colors in the artwork told the color story. Balance your color on each side. Even in asymmetrical arrangements there needs to be color balance.

5.) Give a variety of textures. Wood, glass, greenery, horns, shine, metals and bark are all examples of ways to add interest to the design.

6.) Force your eye to move. How are you going to do that? With the elements you have used throughout the arrangement. Not even sure why thats important? When your eye moves around the mantel or the room it creates, space, depth and interest. By placing items high, low, forward and set back you demand attention and interest.

7.) Stand back and elevate the design as you go along.

8.) Shop for missing elements. Don’t have the right item for the next layer? Go shop your home, your yard and even your closet. I have used belts, scarfs and jewelry to alter the color, texture or to and interest.

9.) Snap a photo. Inspire yourself. I keep an album with ideas just for my mantel.

Follow the Staging Rules

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Staging guidelines really do Matter.  Home stagers are not usually present during showings therefore they only get feedback from agents if they make the effort.  We feel confident our guidelines, tips and tricks work to sell a home but we don’t often see them tested.

One of the guidelines: Create perfect traffic patterns and flow throughout the home.  Home stagers are influenced by decorating elements and they influence the presentation of the home.  Utilizing “on-trend” décor and placement gives value to the home.  Knowing the difference in “Decorating to Dwell” or for the homeowner and “Decorating to Sell” to potential buyers is critical to successful staging. This week Daniela Dowie and I were wrapping up a staging when we had a surprise showing.  Seven potential buyers were there to view and connect with the space, that’s right seven.  Watching seven adults maneuver through the condo emphasized the importance of wide pathways and my decision to redesign the entryway for space.
Secret:  In Home Staging open your traffic patterns up to 36” eliminating furniture if needed.  You are not selling furniture.  Follow the Rules and Never Sacrifice Style!


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