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Spruce Up Your Home For the Holidays

Monday, December 14th, 2015

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It is officially that time of the year when chaos breaks out around the holidays and festive decorations get left by the wayside. But fear not! There is still time to whip up some great decorations to get your house in the spirit of the holidays. You can make this craft paper “Be Merry” wall art fairly easily and for pretty cheap! Just cut out holly berries and leaves from green and red paper and adhere to a feature wall in your home. You can find stencils here and use Zots to stick them up and remove easily!


Try this DIY on your stairs to add a whimsical holiday twist to your decor. You can buy temporary adhesive letters at Target and spell out each reindeer’s name on every other step. And you can even switch the lettering to red when you get to Rudolph’s name!

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Grab some branches on your next winter stroll & hang number-stamped muslim bags to create this festive Christmas countdown calendar from Better Homes and Gardens! You can get already made muslim bags on Etsy as well!

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And lastly, try something new this year when you wrap your presents! You can use old newspaper, white butcher-block paper or brown burlap for the base of your presents to keep consistency. Then add colorful bows and large letter tags to tie in the holiday theme! Make presents easy to organize by labeling with a large letter for each person’s name.

So it’s time to get decorating and spreading cheer – the holidays are around the corner and now you have quite the arsenal of decorating tips to try!


What’s Your Office Personality?

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

What’s your office saying about you?  Your office style impacts customer relations, work style, time management and creativity.  The trick is to create and maintain an office that helps you stay focused.  Many of you are familiar with our Confident Consultation System, which includes the Power Words.  Take a moment and use that approach in 3-5 words to describe your perfect office space.  Let’s see how those words impact your overall business.

Let’s take a fun look at our Office Personalities.  Scan your office, don’t focus on one item and be honest with what you see.  

organized officeDiligent Donna:
Orderly, Symmetrical, Perfect

Books neatly arranged, calendar backed up in the cloud, files in perfect order and you can lay your hands on whatever you need in an instant.   Pro: Diligent Donnas have efficient offices.  Con: The need for organization can overshadow marketing and client relations.  It may even be a place for you to hide instead of finding what your business needs most…clients.
Photo: An Organized Company

Friendly Fran – Warm, Inviting, Conversation Friendly, Casual

Magazines face the guest, candy on the desk and a well-placed chair welcomes visitors. Chatting with clients, the UPS guy and dog often takes priority over filing or accomplishing anything measurable. Pro: Friendly Frans have fun at work and probably even know the names of the UPS man’s children. Con: Business may not be as profitable as they want because they need to find that middle ground.

global officeAdventurist Ann – On Trend, Colorful, Interesting She loves this years’ trend, Global Chic, as it reflects the travels she has experienced or hopes to experience. The office showcases a variety of collections, such as books, maps, rocks, beach glass and more.  These collections motivate Ann to work toward the next adventure.  Pro: Adventurist Anns have an office filled with inspiration. Con:    Collections can quickly turn into clutter making it difficult for one to focus.


Whatever Wanda –

Warm, Inspiring, Casual, Comfortable

Wanda gets it…she doesn’t waste time making sure every file is perfect but can find what she needs relatively quickly.  The walls of her office are filled with inspiration ideas, magazines and most importantly, thank you cards from delighted clients.  She thinks, “If I can find it on my desk in two minutes, I have a system…Whatever.” Bottom line, Wanda is more interested in connecting with clients then having the perfect office. Pro: Wandas have an understanding of the

heart of a business…clients. Con:The “whatever approach” to tracking projects can come back to bite you.

glamour officeGlamour Gail Sleek, sophisticated, elegant, professional
Dressed to kill, grocery list written with a fancy pen, designer handbags are a must and her office is filled with elements that convey class.  If a National Awards is earned, you can bet it will be displayed in a gorgeous frame.  Pro: Gails are ready for business at the drop of a hat.  Con: She can get so caught up in presenting an image she may not connect as well with potential clients.  


How does your persona impact your productivity?   The best approach is a blend of Fran, Donna, Ann, Gail and Wanda depending on the client or situation. Examine your Power Words and see if they lead to an office style that allows you to be productive and profitable.
Want to know more about Power Words and how to use them with your clients? Check out the recording on The-DSA site.

We hope you enjoyed this fun Office Personality game. Go to Signature Redesign Facebook page and The-DSA’s Facebook page share your office personality.  Did you identify with Ann, Gail, Wanda, Donna or Fran?  Don’t forget to “like us” if you haven’t already.


Follow the Staging Rules

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Staging guidelines really do Matter.  Home stagers are not usually present during showings therefore they only get feedback from agents if they make the effort.  We feel confident our guidelines, tips and tricks work to sell a home but we don’t often see them tested.

One of the guidelines: Create perfect traffic patterns and flow throughout the home.  Home stagers are influenced by decorating elements and they influence the presentation of the home.  Utilizing “on-trend” décor and placement gives value to the home.  Knowing the difference in “Decorating to Dwell” or for the homeowner and “Decorating to Sell” to potential buyers is critical to successful staging. This week Daniela Dowie and I were wrapping up a staging when we had a surprise showing.  Seven potential buyers were there to view and connect with the space, that’s right seven.  Watching seven adults maneuver through the condo emphasized the importance of wide pathways and my decision to redesign the entryway for space.
Secret:  In Home Staging open your traffic patterns up to 36” eliminating furniture if needed.  You are not selling furniture.  Follow the Rules and Never Sacrifice Style!


What Will they Think of Next?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013



Peel and Stick Tile fo What will they think of next? Peel and Stick Tile for Backsplashes, Countertops, and decorative accents. It doesn’t get any easier than this Backsplashes, Countertops, and decorative accents. It doesn’t get any easier than this


Hitting a Stone Wall Can Open Up Possibilities

Monday, October 15th, 2012

We want every space in our home to have the WOW factor. Just like my clients, I want to zero in on getting the biggest bang for the buck and in this case the home and the budget was small. For this one bedroom cabin, the family room was the first impression and needed to make an impact.

Starting with the focal stone wall gave motivation and “demolition therapy”. The first of many DIY projects, this one was messy, creative and economical.
Yes, we removed the mauve carpeting. Let’s just say it made clean up easier.

Now that the slate was clean, the key features identified: mantel, a stone/natural element, fire source and accessorizing.
Measurements in hand, we made a trip to the lumber yard to select a mantel. Traipsing through a yard of cut, unhoned trees was fun. It’s like the pride you feel when finding the perfect Christmas tree. Once you select a tree, they will cut the tree to your specifications. Cost: free – $100.
Next step: Stone selection. We opted for the real deal although the prefabricated stone looks great and is much lighter and easier to install. Again, hit the stone yard for the best deals. Cheaper pricing and they deliver. We installed the stone ourselves, we are not experts, but we made it a family affair.
Warmth was important. We opted to keep the pellet stove. It puts out great heat and since it was a cabin the stove fit with the décor. No cost and the pellets are cheap.
$2/ bag Plan for Add On Projects. While designing the focal wall we continued the same design to the bar area. Incorporating the same stone and the same logs (cut thinner) provide continuity and style to an otherwise boring area.


Accessorizing put the finishing touches on the focal wall. Bringing nature inside with the artwork, texture and rustic accessories made the interior an extension of the view. Now we can sit back and relax.

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